Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tava Pulao.


Ingredients : (Serves 2)

Boiled Rice , 1 tspn Pav Bhaji Masala , 2 cloves of garlic , 1/2 tspn Cumin (Jeera),
Cauliflower , Bell Pepper (Capsicum) , Carrots , Tomato , Coriander,
2 tbspn butter, 1/2 tspn red chilly powder , Salt to taste , 1/2 tspn lemon juice.

Optional : Raisins (Bedane)
Procedure :

Heat butter in a pan . Add cumin and chopped garlic . Saute till garlic is golden brown . Add the chopped vegetable and cook them on steam for about 8-10 mins. Add Pav Bhaji Masala and rice and lemon juice . You may add 10/12 raisins as a secret ingredient . Mix it well. Garnish with Cilantro (Coriander) before serving.

Tastes best with Cucumber or Boondi Raita.


priyaanil said...

i am trying ur tava pulao today let me see how it comes my girl!!!

Samta said...
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Samta said...

Hi Swati - I deleted my comment by mistake.
Well I cook cauliflower in pav bhaji masala - just to get rid of the strong smell of cauliflower.
However, today I am going to make this pulav.
Nice blog!

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