Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sevaiyya Kheer (शेवईया खीर)

SEVAIYYA KHEER (शेवईया खीर)
( This desert is a favourite of all - kids , youngsters , adults , oldies and filmy characters too. A filmy mother cannot serve a meal without saying " मैंने अपने हाथों से तुम्हारे पसंद की खीर बनाई है ।" Here is the recipe.)

Ingredients : (Serves 5 people)

3/4 cup Vermicilli (शेवईया) , 1 teaspoon ghee ,

4 cup milk , 1.5 cup sugar

8-10 Cashews split into halves and then cut into 2.

Flakes of 4-5 Almonds , pinch of saffron , 2 pinch cardomon powder .

Procedure :

Heat Ghee in a pan and roast the cashew till it turns brown. Add vermicilli to the pan and roast till it gets golden brown. Add milk , sugar , almond flakes let it boil till vermicilli cooks well.

Meanwhile heat the saffron just for few seconds so that it becomes crisp and falls apart when crushed. Mix the saffron in a tablespoon milk so that it gives away the flavor. Add saffron and cardomon to the kheer. It tastes better cold. Refrigerate the kheer and its ready to serve.

Variation : You may use sooji / rava to substitue vermicilli. It takes less time to cook.

You may add Everest Milk Masala to substitute for almonds and saffron. It enhances taste and saves efforts.


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