Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stuffed Sweet Puri (सांजोर्या)

(A mother's recipe is a child's delight. This one comes from my mother. These Puris have longer shelf life . Just like fine wine , they get better with each passing day.)
Ingredients :
1 Cup All Purpose Flour ,1 tbspn Rava Sooji , Salt , 1 tbspn oil
For stuffing :
1 Cup Sooji / Rava , 1 cup Jaggery ,
1/4 tspn nutmeg powder , a pinch of cardomon powder
Procedure :
Roast Sooji well and let cool. Heat jaggery in the microwave or over the flame just so that it melts. Do not overheat. Mix the roasted jaggery , sooji , nutmeg powder and cardomon powder after turning off the flame. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator overnight so that the sooji absorbs moisture and flavor from the other ingredients.
After 8-10 hrs refrigeration get the stuffing to room tempreture.
Knead a dough of the All purpose flour , Rava , Salt and oil.
Make a small ball of the dough , roll it half way , place the stuffing in the center and join all ends to form a ball. Roll this ball again to make a Puri.
Heat oil in a pan to fry these till golden brown. Let cool and the Stuffed Sweet Puris are ready to serve.


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