Friday, October 24, 2008

Sabudana Vada (साबूदाना वडा)

Sabudana Vada (साबूदाना वडा)
(Food for fast is fast food. Sabudana (sago) vada is popular as an afternoon snack, as an accompaniment to hot masala chai . Sabudana vada, as well as sabudana khichdi , is even prepared during festivals.)
Ingredients :
1.5 Cup Soaked Sabudana , 1 Cup mashed potato ,
4-5 Green chillies , Coriander , 1/2 tspn roasted cumin , Salt to taste , 1/4 tspn sugar.
Procedure :
Soak Sabudana for minimum 5-6 hrs. Please note that the amount of water should be minimal (Just enough to soak). Grind Green chillies , roasted Cumin , coriander in a blender. Mix the mashed potatoes , sabudana and the chilly cumin mixture . Make sure that the size of the vada is not too big. This will ensure that the heat reaches to the center and doesn't keep it soggy.
Deep fry on medium heat.
Sabudana Vada tastes good with Green coconut chutney and/or curd.


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