Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sweet Potato delight. (रताल्याचा कीस)

Sweet Potato delight (रताल्याचा कीस)
(A dish good to serve on side , in the lunch box , and good for fast. Considering fiber content, complex carbohydrates , protein , vitamins A and C, iron , and calcium , the sweet potato ranked highest in nutritional value.)

Ingredients : (Serves two)
1 cup grated Sweet Potato , 1 cup grated regular potato ,
3 chillies cut into 1 inch pieces , 1/2 tspn कमीं
1 tbsn oil , Salt to taste , 1/4 tspn sugar।
Chopped Cilantro ( coriander ) to garnish.
Procedure :
Heat oil in a pan । Add cumin and let it sputter .Drop green chilly in the pan . After a few seconds add the grated potato and Sweet potato to the pan. Make sure that you peel before you grate the potaotes. Cover the pan and let cook for about 10 mins. Add salt and sugar . Garnish with cilantro and serve hot.
It tastes good even when at room tempreture. It good for pack lunch for kids and nutritious too.
Variation : You may use pure ghee for the tadka instead of using oil.


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