Friday, October 24, 2008

Karanji (करंजी)

KARANJI (करंजी)
(Karanji , a sweet snack made during Diwali is very delicious.)
Ingredients :
For the dough :
1 cup All purpose flour , 1 tbspn Sooji (Rava) , Salt to taste , 1 tbspn oil , water
For the stuffing :
1 cup Dry Coconut , 1 cup powdered Sugar ,
a hint of salt (very little , even less than a pinch) ,
1/4 tspn cardomon powder
Oil to fry.
Procedure :
Knead a dough with all purpose , Sooji , Salt , oil and water and set aside covered for sometime.
Roast grated dry coconut till it gets golden brown and let it cool. Mix powdered sugar per measurement or as per your tastes . Add cardomon powder and the stuffing is ready.
To make Karanji : Roll out a puri of the dough and place it on a flat surface. Keep the stuffing on one half of the Puri and press the end of the other half over it. Make sure the stuffing is tight and there is no room for air. When you cut make sure that there is sufficient space left so that the Karanji doesnt break open while frying. Use a moist cloth to keep the karanji till you make others.
Deep fry on medium heat till it gets golden brown . Karanji is ready to serve.

Variation : You may make the stuffing with regular coconut . Roast grated coconut over medium heat . Add a teaspoon ghee and equal amount of sugar . Keep roasting till sugar melts. Let cool and add cardomon powder. Karanji with this filling has less shelf life.


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