Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rava Besan Laddu.

With all the festivities all over during Diwali everyone enjoys a variety of sweets. Laddu being the favorite of all can be made with a wide range of ingredients. Just like a Rava laddu and besan laddu a combination of both ingredients brings out a different flavor and taste all together.
Ingredients :
1.5 cups Rava (Sooji), 3/4 cup Besan (chickpea flour) ,
1 cup water , 2 cup sugar , 1/2 tspn cardomon powder , pinch of salt ,
2 tspn raisins. 3 tbspn ghee.
Procedure :
Heat a tbspn ghee in a nonstick pan and roast measured sooji in it for about 15 mins. Alongside use the other 2 tbspn ghee to roast the measured besan. Saute it well on medium high heat for about 15 mins. Your nose knows when the besan is sauteed well. Add a pinch of salt and the roasted besan to the sooji and continue to saute on low heat till you get the sugar syrup ready.
Heat the water and sugar till the water comes to a boil and melts the sugar. Remember that this syrup is 1 string. Once the syrup is ready turn off the flame add the cardamon powder. Then add the syrup to the Rava besan mixture and incorporate the syrup well . Keep stirring it on medium heat till the time you feel that the syrup has soakes well into the rava. Let the mixture be moist to some extent . Let the mixture get back to room temperature. This gives time for the Rava to absorb the moisture and it get to the consistency which helps to make laddus. Add raisins and mix well. If you find the batter bit loose , place it on medium heat to help loose extra moisture. Let it get to the room temperature again before you make laddus.


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