Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Veg. Manchurian.

( Veg. Dumpling cooked in Indo-Chinese style. Indian Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes . Veg Manchurian is a good accompaniment with Szechuan Rice / Noodles , Fried Rice , Garlic Noodle and other Indo-chinese cuisine. If made in Dry gravy it can be served as a starter.)
Ingredients :
For the Dumpling :
1 cup finely chopped Cabbage , 2 tbspn finely chopped capsicum ,
1.5 tbspn Corn Starch, Salt to taste , Oil to fry.
For the Gravy :
1 tbspn oil , finely chopped Garlic and ginger 1 tspn each,
1/4th cup finely chopped onion , 2 tbspn finely chopped capsicum ,
2 tbspn finely chopped spring onion, 1/4th tspn finely choped green chillies
1 Cup water , Salt to taste , 2 tspn Soy Sauce , 3/4th tspn vinegar
1 tbspn Corn Starch.
Procedure :
Mix finely chopped cabbage , capsicum , salt and corn starch together and rub it well with hands so that the moisture from the veggies dampens the corn starch enought to bind them all together . Make small size dumplings and deepfry till they are dark in color. Fry them on medium heat so that they cook well in the center.

Heat oil in a wok . Cook garlic , onion , capsicum for about 2 mins. Add water , salt , ginger , green chillies and let it boil for about 3-5 minutes . (You may use Vegetable stock instead of water). This helps to extract the flavors from the ingredients. Add corn starch dissolved in little water , vinegar and spring onions . Garnish with Cilantro and spring onion.
Veg Manchurian is ready to serve.
Variation : To make Chicken Manchurian , marinade bite size chicken pieces in egg , salt , 2 pinch chilly powder and ginger garlic paste (for about 45 minutes). Deep fry them on medium heat. Follow the same procedure to make the gravy.


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