Monday, December 15, 2008

Carrot Dessert (गाजर हल्वा)

CARROT DESSERT (गाजर हल्वा)
(This is another favorite dessert served by filmy mothers . A simple recipe and liked by many.A way in which carrots can be incorporated in the meals. )
Ingredients :
8 -10 grated carrots , 1 tbspn pure ghee , 10-12 cashews cut into pieces ,
1/4th cup heavy cream , 1/4 tspn cardomon powder,
3 cup sugar , a pinch of salt.
Procedure :
Cook the grated carrot in a preassure cooker . You may cook it in a microwave for about 15 minutes . Heat pure ghee in a pan and get the cashews toasted till golden brown. Fish out the cashews out off the ghee and add the cooked carrot to the pan. Add sugar , heavy cream , salt . The mixture will loose water and will be flowy after you miix all the ingredients. Cook on medium high heat so that the excess moisture evaporates as they share flavor and taste. Once you get close to the right consistancy add cardomon powder and let cool. (Do not leave a lot of moisture and do not make it too dry.) Mix the cashew pieces with it and Halva is ready to serve.


Manish Chauhan said...

Why do we add some salt ?

By heavy cream do you mean "Khoa or khova" .. cant we use just plain milk and kepp cooking it till it becomes thick .


Swati said...

Thankyou for the query Manish.

Heavy cream is used to substitute khoya. Thicker dairy product you use , richer the dessert tastes. You may also use milk .

Salt compliments the sweet taste. A hint of salt helps to reduce the drowsiness you feel after eating sugary foods.
In desserts with large amount of milk , it is not safe to add salt as it may curdle the milk.

iseri said...

swati gr8 recipes... try frying grated carrots in a thick bottom kadia or pan (with ghee/oil/butter) instead of cooking it in pressure cooker...It really tastes very rich & different.
but pressure cooker is quicker.

i always love carrot halwa with kova..

Swati said...

Hey iseri ,

Thanks a lot. Keep visiting and let me know whenever you try something from here. Your suggestions/feedbacks really mean a lot to me.

Preasure Cooking the carrots helps save time. The cooking method you've suggested helps to add richness and keep the flavors intact. Thanks again.

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