Friday, March 14, 2008


Ingredients :
½ Cup Sooji (Rava) , ¾ cup sugar ,
1cup mixture of milk and water in 1:1 proportion ,
1 tspn Cashew , 1 tspn Raisins , 2 tbspn Ghee ,
½ tspn cardomon powder , a pinch of salt .
Procedure :
Evenly roast the Sooji in a pan till it changes colour. Set it aside for some time .

Heat ghee in a nonstick pan and add chashews broken into halves . Roast them till golden brown Add the roasted sooji and keep roasting till it gets a darker shade of golden brown .

Meanwhile heat the milk + water mixture till it starts boiling. Add raisins to the mixture so that they cook and fluff-up in size.

Add the liquid mixture to the sooji and mix well till the mixture cooks up evenly . Then add the sugar and salt to the sheera . Mix well till the sugar melts . Add cardomon powder to the sheera for flavour at the end .

Variation : If you are making the sheera for "Prasad" for some religious ritual , you may use only milk to cook the Sheera . You may also add small bite size pieces of banana . It adds to the flavour of Sheera.


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