Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moong Dosa.

(About Moong Dosa : Moong is known to be rich in protein .So vegetarians prefer incorporating Moong in their diet. Moong Dosa is a very unheard dish . However the crunch and the flavor to this dish add to the variety of Dosas.)
Ingredients :
½ cup Whole Moong , ½ Cup Sooji (Rava) Salt to taste , Oil.

Procedure :
Soak Moong overnight (Minimum 8 Hrs). Blend it in a Mixer to form fine paste. Add Rava and salt to the bater. Mix well and set it aside in a warm place to ferment for approximately 8 hrs. Do not move or stir the mixture and let it rise durin those 8 hrs.

Heat a nonstick Tava and Make dosas with the bater.

Tastes best with Green Chutney.


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