Friday, March 28, 2008

Medu Vada/ Vada Sambar/ Dahi Vada

Ingredients : (Serves four)
1 cup Urad Dal , Salt to taste , Black pepper powder
Oil to fry.

Procedure :
Soak 1 cup Urad Dal overnight (Minimum 8 hrs). Grind it in a mixer to form fine paste.
Add salt to taste and 1 pinch of crushed black pepper .

Heat oil to fry . Drop big lumps of the urad dal paste with a tablespoon. Fry till golden brown.

Medu Vada is ready to serve. Tastes best with Green Chutney.

Vada Sambar

If served with Sambar , can be called Vada Sambar. Refer Masala Dosa Recipe for procedure to make Sambar.

Left over Vadas can be used to make Dahi Vada .

Procedure :
Take Cold water in a Bowl . Add ¼ tspn Asafoetida (Hing) to the water. Soak the leftover Vadas into the water. Let the water percolate through the Vada for approx 30 mins. Drain the water out of the Vada and place them on a serving plate.

Blend ½ cup Yogurt (Curd) well to remove lumps , Add a tbspn sugar , Salt to taste and 2 tbspn water. Mix well.

To serve : Place the Vada on plate with the Yogurt on top . Sprinkle red chilly powder , cumin over the top. You may also drizzle some Tamarind Chutney to enhance the taste.


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