Friday, February 15, 2008

Pudding / Caramel Custard .

1/2 Litre Milk , 4 slices of bread ,
4 Eggs , Sugar , 1 tspn Vanilla Extract .

Take 3 tspn sugar in a round baking pan . Heat the pan in the oven / Over heat to form a dark brown caramel. Move the pan in circular motion to form an even layer of caramel . Let it cool to form a crust .

Mix milk + sugar + eggs + Vanilla extract + bread in a blender. Pour the mixture in the baking pan over the crust . Place the pan in a double boiler. Cover the boiler with a lid or with aluminium foil so that steam doesn't excape out of the boiler. Cook for approximately 25 mins.

Let it cool and then turn the pan over onto a plate . Refrigerate the Pudding / Caramel Custard before you serve .


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