Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mirchi Ka Salan ( मिर्ची का सालन )

MIRCHI KA SALAN ( मिर्ची  का सालन )
(Mirchi ka Salan is a spicy curry typically served with Biryani in Hyderabad. It also tastes good with any kind of Pulao or for that matter with just plain roti. So this is a very versatile peanut based curry with the fried green chillies adding a zing to your meal.)

Ingredients : 
6 green chillies(less spicy , light colored) , Oil to fry chillies

For curry :1/4th tspn Mustard seeds , 1/4th tspn turmeric , 4-5 curry leaves
1 cup roasted peanuts , 2 tbsp tamarind pulp , 
1/2 tspn red chilly powder , 2 tbspn sesame seeds (Til) , 
1/2 tspn cumin seeds (Jeera) , 1/2 tspn coriander seeds (Dhaniya seeds)
Salt to taste , 2 tbspn oil 

Procedure : 
After washing and wiping dry , give a slit lengthwise to the skin of the green chillies and deep fry hot oil. Set them aside to drain off the excess oil till you work on the curry.
(Do not skip this step of slitting the chillies because if you miss it,the air inside expands when you drop it in hot oil and it may splash hot oil all over and having an open flame adds to the risk.)

Roast Cumin seeds , coriander seeds and sesame seeds till they release a nice aroma. Grind the roasted mix with roasted peanuts +red chilly powder + tamarind pulp + water to form a fine paste.Heat about 2 tbspn oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Some choose to add pureed tomato for color and tanginess) . Once mustard seeds splutter add curry leaves followed by  turmeric + ground paste + salt to taste. 
(Typically this is a very oily curry. So if you wanna go authentic ,  you can double the amount of oil you use for the tadka).

Let the curry simmer on medium heat till the peanuts , sesame seeds release oil around the curry. Add about 1/2 cup water. and let it come to a boil again.Place the fried chillies in the curry before you serve.

Mirchi ka salan is ready to serve with Biryani or kind of Pulao. 


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