Monday, March 29, 2010

Roasted Chilly Chutney.

Roasted Chilly Chutney
Sandwich being a favorite snack on the run can loose its novelty. For an unexpected twist in the regular snack try this chutney and I am sure you will never make it the regular way.

Ingredients :

8-10 dry red chillies , 1/2 cup grated coconut , Salt to taste , 1 tspn lemon juice , 2 tbspn diced onion , 1/4th tspn sugar , 100 ml water.

Procedure :
Roast dry red chillies on open fire or on the coil. Make sure that you have your windows open , fans running on full speed and the kitchen exhaust on the highest power. Because when roasting these chillies you are bound to get some serious cough.

After the chillies are roasted , grind the chillies , diced onion , salt , sugar , grated coconut , lemon juice and approx. 100ml water.

Apply the chutney on a slice of bread and use sliced boiled potato and cheese singles to enhance taste. Apply butter to the sandwich and toast it till golden brown. Sandwich is ready to serve.


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