Saturday, April 4, 2009


Jalebi is a syrupy sweet that is shaped like a slightly large, chaotic pretzel and is traditionally prepared in India and Pakistan. Well-made jalebi has a tart element with a sweet taste.
Ingredients :
2 cup All purpose flour (Maida) , 1tbspn rice flour , 1 tbspn besan
1/4 tspn salt, 1/8th tspn baking powder , 1/8th tspn yeast
2 tspn oil (warm) , 2 tbspn yogurt , yellow color
3/4th cup room temperature milk overnight @ room temperature.

For Sugar Syrup : Salt , cardamon powder , lemon juice, sugar, water .....
Procedure :
Mix the ingredients well. Add milk to the ingredients little at a time to form a paste that can be piped with the sauce bottle. Set aside for 4 hrs at room temperature. Stir after 4 hrs and let it sit for another 2 hrs.
Heat the water + sugar +lemon juice + yellow color + cardamon powder to make a one string syrup.

After the rest period mix the batter well and fill it in a sauce bottle with a spout on top. Start piping the jalebis in the oil in a circular motion. Ensure that the oil is not too hot. It needs to be just enough hot so that the jalebis float to the surface when piped . Evenly fry both sides. Some like light brown jalebis while some prefer the fresh-crisp-yellow colored jalebis. Fry the jalebis to the color you like. Drain the oil and drop the jalebis to the warm sugar syrup for about 2-3 minutes . Yummy jalebis are ready to serve.


Anonymous said...

Hi what sauce bottle did you use? Was it the one with long spout or ?


Swati said...

Hey Vidya ,

The sauce dispensing bottle that you normally see in restaurants with a spout on top is used to pipe the Jalebis . You may also use a cloth or a ziplock bag and make a hole. Remember that the Jalebi expands in size due to the yeast and baking powder so you may want to keep the hole resonably small and leave scope for the bater to expand after it meets the oil.

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