Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vegetable Kung Pao

Kung Pao is a classic dish in Szechuan cuisine. Although chicken is traditionally used, seafood items such as shrimp or scallops, or other meats such as beef or pork, are sometimes used in place of the chicken (although typically only a single meat or seafood is used). It can also be prepared with tofu instead of meat. Vegetarians may exclude meat out of the recipe , as it is , in this recipe.
Ingredients :
2 tbspn Oil , 1/2 tspn finely chopped garlic , 1/2 tbspn finely chopped ginger ,
2 cups coarsely chopped vegetables ( like onion , carrot , green beans ,
corn niblets , zucchini , tofu , broccoli , cauliflower , mushroom , spring onions ) ,
Salt to taste , 2 tspn corn starch , 1/2 tspn crushed black pepper, roasted peanuts.
Sauce Concoction : 1 cup water , 1 tspn red chilly flakes , 2 tspn sugar , 3 tspn white vinegar , 4 tspn soy sauce .
Procedure :
Mix all the ingredients for sauce concoction.
Heat Oil in on high heat , add ginger garlic till they change color. Then add onion and stir well . Add the mix of the coarsely chopped veggies. Do not turn down the heat so that they get a little charred where the veggies touch the bottom of the hot wok. Make sure you stir at regular intervals. Do not overcook . It helps maintain the crunch in the veggies. After about 5 minutes stirring on high heat sprinkle about 2 tspn corn starch and add the concoction to the veggies.
The corn starch sprinkled on the veggies acts as a thickening agent for the concoction. The sauce then coats the veggies and brings the shine and the taste. Sprinkle roasted peanuts and spring onions on top.
Vegetable Kung Pao can be served as an entree or a side with Rice or Noodles.


myspicykitchen said...

nice recipe... Vegetable Kung Pao looks delicious

myspicykitchen said...

saw you recipe in RC12


Swati said...

I am glad that you liked the recipe. All the vegetables put together make it so hearty and delicious that it can a full meal for veggie lovers.

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