Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lemon Rasam./ Dal Soup

Lemon Rasam / Dal Soup
( You must be thinking "Whats so special about this ordinary looking Dal?"The flavors of fresh ingredients in this recipe are extraordinary and refreshing. If served with Rice its "Lemon Rasam" whereas , due to its souplike consistancy it can be named and served as "Dal Soup" too.)
Ingredients :
1 Cup cooked Toor Dal , 2 cups water , 1/4 tspn Cumin ,
Salt to taste , 2 tbspn fresh lime juice ,
1/4 tspn pepper powder , 1/2 tspn finely chopped ginger ,
2 tbspn ghee.
Procedure :
Blend Cooked Toor Dal in a Blender. This helps to remove all traces of Dal and looks like paste. Add water per measurement , salt to taste , ginger. Do not blend the dal after adding ginger so that you can enjoy the flavor of ginger. Heat pure Ghee in pan and add cumin till it splutters and then add the dal. Let boil for approximately 10 mins. Make sure that the consistancy of the Dal is souplike. After 10 mins add pepper powder and lemon juice and cover the pa with a lid. Turn off the flame. Let it stay covered for a minute or two. The soup / Rasam is ready to serve .
Variation : No variations recommended for this dish as its flavor make it special. Do not substitute Ghee with oil or exclude pepper, ginger or lemon.


niveditha said...

Not many ppl know abt this nimbu rasum (lemon rasam). Nice to see here...
this is one of my favourate rasam...Quick one to make.

ammu said...

hi tried this recpe yday for dinner and my DH loved it :) thank u soooo much, got it from ur RC 11 post in IHM

Swati said...

Hello Niveditha and Ammu ...

Its true hardly anyone knows about this recipe. One may wonder whats so special about this coz it looks very ordinary ... Glad that you tried and liked ... Keep visiting and comments are more than welcome..

Thankyou so much or the interest and appreciation.

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