Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hara - Bhara Kabab

Hara - Bhara Kabab
(A tasty alternative for those who love kababs but are vegetarian . Hara Bhara kabab gets its name and green colour from the healthy spinach in it.)
Ingredients :
2 cup mashed potato , 1/4th Cup Spinach Puree ,
1/4th tspn ginger garlic paste , Salt to taste, 1 tbspn green chilly paste , 2 pinch cumin powder
2 tbspn rice flour , 3 tbspn bajra flour (can be substituted with additional 2 tbspn rice flour)
8 - 10 cashews cut into pieces
1/2 tspn Pani Puri Masala (Optional)
Procedure :
Use minimal water when making the spinach puree so that the potatoes remain as dry as they can . Add mashed potatoes rice flour , bajra flour , salt , ginger garlic paste, green chilly paste , Cashews , cumin powder and mix well . Rice flour helps to absorb the moisture from the spinach puree and sticky texture of potatoes. Bajra flour gives it a smoky taste and can be substituted with additional rice flour.
Make Kabab shapes of the batter. Roll them into rice flour for a thin coat. Deep fry them in oil heated on hight tempreture.
Kababs can be sprinkled with Pani Puri masala. This is optional. It gives a Tangy taste to the Kabab.
They are ready to serve hot with any condiment like green chutney , Imli Chutney or any cheese dip.


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