Tuesday, May 13, 2008


(A Wrap filled with variety of Veg - Non Veg stuffing is a crowd pleaser at all times. It may be served for snack parties. You may enjoy the Frankie per your tastes buds . Heres a chat version of the Frankie.)

Ingredients :
For the wrap: 1 cup All Purpose Flour , 2 pinches Ajwain , Salt to taste , Oil.

For the stuffing : 2 medium size boiled potatoes , Salt to taste , 1/4th tbspn red chilly powder , 1/4th tspn Chat Masala , 1/4th tspn Garam Masala , 1/4th tspn Cumin powder , Salt to taste , 1/2 tbspn Lemon juice.

1 Onion , Chat Masala ,1 egg , Butter.

Procedure :

Knead the dough with All purpose flour , salt , ajwain and Oil. Set it aside till you make the filling.

Heat oil in a pan. Add Cumin Powder and finely chopped boiled potatoes . Also add other seasonings as listed for stuffing. Mix well and mash the potatoes with spoon . Do not mash them too much because you will enjoy chunnks of potaotes i between. Let the filling cool down toroom tempreture.

Cut onion into long strips and heat them with a tspn oil just so that you can get the raw flavour outof the onion but still have the crunch. Do not completely cook them. Add a pinch of salt.

You may now roll the dough to form a roti. Roast it completely on one side and keep it half done on the other.Place the half roasted side of the roti on a flat surface and evenly spread the potato filling across the wrap. Top it with the onions. You may add slices of tomatoes if you like. Sprinkle little bit of Chat Masala and then fold the frankie to wrap the filling.

Break an egg and apply it to hold the two free ends of the frankie. Place it on the Tawa and brush both sides of the frankie with egg and butter. Roast till its Nice and crisp. Ready to serve hot with any sauce you like.

Variation : You may use spinach , Boiled Egg , Soya chunks , Minced Meat fillings per your mood. You may also add soya sauce , chinese sauce , or cheese to enjoy more variety.


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