Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Raw mango drink (पन्ह)

Raw Mango Drink (पन्ह)
(About Panha : With the advent of summer , what better way can one think of to quench the thirst after a hot sunny day ??? Panha is a refreshing summer drink , the pulp of which can be stored in the fridge and can be served anytime of the day. There are different ways of making Panha. Check out the simplest of all.)
Ingredients :
2 Raw Mangoes , Sugar , ½ tspn Salt , ½ tspn Cardamom Powder.
Procedure :
Cut the raw mango with the green cover on. Pressure cook the pieces and when they cool down you can easily separate the pulp from the green. Grind the pulp , Sugar , Cardamom , Salt to form a fine paste. The quantity of sugar id deliberately not mentioned. The amount of sugar needed varies depending on “how sour is the Mango ?”
The pulp is ready . You may mix this pulp with appropriate amount of water. The sour taste of the Mango and sweetness of sugar should be obvious.

Variation : Panha can also be made with jaggery. However this being a summer drink sugar is more appropriate . Jaggery contains a lot of heat which is obviously not wanted during summers.


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