Monday, March 24, 2008

Puran Poli. (For Holi)


Ingredients :
For Puran : 1 cup chana Dal (split Chickpea) , 1 cup grated jaggery , 1/4th tspn nutmeg powder , pinch of salt
(chana dal and jaggery 1:1 proportion)

For Dough : 1 cup Wheat flour , salt to taste , water, 2 tbspn oil.
Procedure :
Cook the chana dal (split chickpea) in a pressure cooker. Mix the Chana Dal and Jaggery together and heat it in a nonstick pan. The jaggery melts and mixes well . Keep mixing well till it turns into a thick mixture so that you can form a ball after it cools down. (Remember that the mixture becomes more dry after cooling down. So do not make it too dry) . Add a pinch of salt and nutmeg powder . Mix well .

You may blend the mixture in a food processor to break the Dal. You may also use the traditional Puran Yantra if you have one.

If you do not have either of those , blend the Dal before you mix with jaggery in a mixer and then cook with jaggery.

Make the wheat flour dough . Make sure you add 2 tbspn oil and mix the dough well. This dough is more loose as compared to the normal roti dough.

Make a small cup of the dough and fill in Puran to form a stuffed ball. Roll out the ball and make the Roti on Medium heat. Puran Poli is ready to serve.

Tastes best with Ghee or Coconut Milk.


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